Dear Sweet 9 Month Old Baby

Dear 9 Month Old Baby,

I love the way you fall asleep staring into my eyes, softly touching my face. I love your soft hair and pushing it around you head. I love the way you reach for me when you wake up, when I come home, or walk into the room. I love your long eyelashes and how they lay across your cheeks. I love how you know and understand when I say, “Come to Mama.” I love your little nose, but I just hate when it’s running raw. I love how you splash in the bath and blow bubbles all around. I love watching you play with your brother. I love how you gurgle like a Wookiee. I love how you move with purpose. I love how everything is an adventure; from the toilet to a wooden spoon. I love how you babble on to yourself, is, or the tv. I love when you hold your pacifier like a monocle. I love how you have your own blanket. I love how you roll over on your belly when you sleep. I love that you love routines. I love that you just want to play or cuddle. I love that you are a total goober. I love that you hate socks. I love how you stare at yourself in the mirror. I love feeling your heartbeat. I love how you sigh in your sleep. I love seeing you love your dad and brother.

I’m pretty sure you love me & I’m terrified one day you’ll wake up & you won’t.


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