100 Thoughts I Had Walking Back Into My Classroom Today

  1. My to-do list is a whole page long. 
  2. I’m gonna get a lot done today. 
  3. Nope. Nope. No, I’m not. 
  4. Why are there so many desks?
  5. Where are the matching chairs?
  6. Thank goodness Jill’s kids will work for cookies. 
  7. Jill’s son is like a grown man now. What?
  8. If I listen to this boy talk nonstop, he is helpful. 
  9. Former student! Aw, he’s so big!
  10. I’m hot. Is there air broken again?
  11. Great.  I look like garbage. 
  12. Okay, the furniture is in place & I didn’t scratch the floor!
  13. How many spiders have taken up residence in my classroom? I’ve encountered 3 dead ones and 7 live ones so far. 
  14. Make that 8.
  15. I’m tired. 
  16. My colleagues are much farther ahead of me. 
  17. My colleagues look so much more put together than me. 
  18. Come on body! Get it together. 
  19. I wonder what my babies are doing?
  20. I’m hot. Is the air broken again?
  21. Let me just FaceTime Nathan at home with the babies. 
  22. They’re so cute! Laughing! Aw!
  23. I should go home. Now. 
  24. Nope. Stay the course. Work. 
  25. I need to switch out my bulletin boards. 
  26. I don’t want to. 
  27. Do it anyway. 
  28. Where’s my staple remover?
  29. Where’s my stapler?
  30. I need to start a shopping list. Add stapler. 
  31. Cross off stapler. 
  32. This would be so much easier if I had been here at the end of last year. 
  33. I have no regrets. 
  34. Let me go check and see how Emily is doing. 
  35. That was a mistake. I want to cry. Her room looks so much cuter than mine. 
  36. My new calendar set is adorable!
  37. Ashley is such an encouraging mom!
  38. For the fifth time, I didn’t bring the twins because I would not get anything done. Also, it’s too hot here. 
  39. Work wall complete. 
  40. So many visitors today!
  41. Yay! All the lightbulbs in my 4 lamps still work!
  42. I’m so glad I laminated all this stuff early. 
  43. I’m tired. 
  44. I think I spent all my BEP funds already. 
  45. Where is my broom?
  46. Gone. Long gone. 
  47. Add broom to shopping list. 
  48. I should go to the restroom. 
  49. I can wait. 
  50. Shirley’s grand babies are so precious!
  51. I need to switch out the water filter on the sink. 
  52. That’s gross. 
  53. 4 dead spiders. 1 unidentifiable insect. 
  54. Drink water. 
  55. Free stuff?!
  56. What happened to my rug?
  57. Sara is so sweet to let me borrow her carpet cleaner. 
  58. Let me just call home. 
  59. I wanna go home.
  60. My library is a wreck. 
  61. I’ll organize that later.
  62. Like next week. 
  63. It’s not that hot in here. 
  64. Tylenol. 
  65. Drink water. 
  66. I’m tired. 
  67. Time to eat lunch. With Emily!
  68. Marianne is the sweetest!
  69. I love her library. Her shelves are the best ever. 
  70. Bianca’s curtains are pretty!
  71. The school looks really great!
  72. There are a lot of new teachers this year. Again. I hope they like me. 
  73. That bruise on my leg looks awful. 
  74. I don’t need this. I don’t need that. 
  75. I wish I had taken time to drink coffee this morning. 
  76. It was so sweet of Cassie to donate supplies to my classroom!
  77. I need to take this to Christina’s classroom. 
  78. I need a mini fridge. 
  79. I can pick it up today! Huzzah!
  80. Pfftt. I need to pump. 
  81. Okay now I have to go to the restroom. 
  82. Better. What now?
  83. Oh! I know. Fix the hallway work display. 
  84. That looks good. Are those clips evenly spaced?
  85. Nope. Oh well. 
  86. I miss my babies. 
  87. I’m gonna need to write lesson plans. 
  88. Later. Like much later. 
  89. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
  90. That’s trash. 
  91. I have FIVE trash cans?
  92. And only 1 has a liner?
  93. Where are my student whiteboards?
  94. My rug is curling from being rolled up all summer. 
  95. Bye bye old classroom themes of years past! Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!
  96. Maybe someone new wants this stuff because free is free when you’re new. 
  97. I mean, none of my things matched my first year. 
  98. I want to leave. 
  99. I’m going to leave. 
  100. I’m exhausted. My to-do list is 3 pages long. I didn’t get anything done today. 

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