9 Underrated Newborn Items

If you read my last blog, you know I’ve been dwelling on helpful & not-so-much newborn items. I blame my friends that are pregnant for this, because my mind is whirling about thinking about great baby shower gifts. Also, I head back to teaching in a couple weeks & let’s face it: Teachers are always having babies. It’s never a bad idea to have some gift ideas running on the back burner. A couple days ago I shared with you some overrated newborn items, so to balance things out, today I’m going to share with you some underrated items.  Here are 9 items I have loved & appreciated that maybe, just maybe don’t cross the shower-shopper’s mind…

  1. Diaper Bag Backpack. This was easily an essential for having twin newborns. When you’re toting around 2 car seats, you don’t have an extra arm or hand to carry around the diaper bag, and your spouse isn’t always readily available. Enter: Diaper bag backpack. 
  2. Various Bottle Brands. Bottles were trial and error for us at first. I was thankful some people didn’t heed my registry and bought us different bottles to try. What works for one baby doesn’t always work for both. What works at one developmental point isn’t what’s best at a later developmental point. I’m pretty sure we’ve tried them all and, sadly, as I feared, for us Dr. Brown won. 
  3. Babybum Paddles. Pet peeve: Diaper rash cream under my nails. The smell is atrocious. But these little bum spatulas take that annoyance away. Yes, these are so extra, yes, I love them anyway. 
  4. Fuzzy Blankets.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: These are the best. My boys are super cuddly and love a soft feeling in their hands or by their cheek. 
  5. Storage Containers & Bins. You cannot have enough for organizing all the tiny items. I am convinced. 
  6. Bottle Soap. This soap is specifically designed to break down the residue that milk and formula leave behind. Super gentle at the same time. 
  7. Outfit Sets. I didn’t register our twins for clothes. We were gifted so many gently used clothes. But I was always super tickled (& still am) to receive outfit sets. You know why? Because I keep them clipped together. They match. I don’t have to sort through tops & bottoms to find matches. Life made easier. 
  8. High Chairs & Other Toddler-Esque Items. People love to love on newborns. But what about toddlers? Kids that eat solids? Several people thought of this and I have those items thoughtfully stores away for the day they come of need, and bonus: It’s an expense we won’t have to foot. 
  9. Larger Diapers. Sooo many newborn diapers. Which we later had changed for sizes we lacked. I appreciate those who thought ahead and bought the size 3-5.

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