9 Overrated Newborn Items

It’s all in personal preference, but here are 9 items I’ve found to be overrated since we brought the twinfants home in March. (In no particular order.)

  1. Muslin Swaddle Blankets. These things were a joke for our boys. First of all, I had to watch numerous YouTube videos on how to swaddle properly. Then when I did figure it out, my babies could wiggle right on out within 10 minutes. So much for sound sleep. We use them as regular blankets instead now. Better suggestion: SwaddleMe Velcro Sleep Sacks. 
  2. Wipeable Changing Pad Cover. I like the idea of this. Especially when baby is small and pees on the changing table. However, that wipeable material…stays cold. My babies didn’t like being put on that cold material. Better suggestion: Minky changing of cover. Soft and textured for baby to rub hands on during changing. 
  3. Baby Lotion. We’ve used baby lotion like once in 4 months. There just hasn’t been a need for it. Better suggestion: Moisturizing baby wash. 
  4. Receiving Blankets. Okay, I feel like I’m gonna catch some heat here, but so be it. We actually have 50+ of these blankets, a very popular baby shower gift. Our babies were not interested in these. They do get used though, we put them on babies’ laps while we feed and burp them to catch spit up mostly. Better suggestion: Fuzzy Blankets. Warmer and textured. 
  5. Baby Hats, Mittens, & Socks. Admittedly we had spring babies, so there was little need for these items to begin with. We did use all 3 the first few times we took them out of the house, but never again.  Better suggestion: Fuzzy carseat blanket. 
  6. Cute Bibs. You know the ones with sayings on them like, “Mommy’s Little Man”? Those don’t absorb what my kids are spitting out. Better suggestion: Solid, plain bibs. 
  7. Baby Food/Diaper Tracker Pad. I was told by so many people to keep up with feedings and diaper changes on these (expensive) notepads. No. Too confusing, and who has time to write everything down?  Better suggestion: Baby Connect app. $5 to have all info on baby saved forever. Syncs across all devices (from mommy to daddy to nanny) and you can pull up info immediately to show pediatrician when he says, “How many BMs has baby had this week?” “Hmmm, let me check, oh, 5.”
  8. Baby Music. No, it can wait until toddler years or longer, that is all I’m gonna say about this one.  Better suggestion: Sound machine. 
  9. Dreft Detergent. Maybe we just lucked out, but after the first couple washes where Dreft left all the spitup stains on th it things…I started washing their things in the same detergent we use, and it hasn’t bothered the boys in the slightest. Dreft is easily the most expensive detergent, even if you buy the off brand. Better suggestion: If baby will tolerate it, keep using what you like. 

Catch the blog in a couple days for a similar-themed post. 


One thought on “9 Overrated Newborn Items

  1. First of all, I love reading your blog Alyssa. It has inspired me to start my own! Well, that is if I ever find time between my principal gig and mommying two rambunctious little boys when my husband travels for a living. 😳 As for your list, I agree with 7 of 9 for sure, by both my boys had terrible eczema as newborns and if it had not been for Aveeno scented lotion they would have been miserable! Because their skin is so sensitive I still use Dreft even for my 3 year old. Not to mention I love the baby smell! Especially since I really don’t have a baby anymore. And no, I’m not having any more!!! LOL

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