I see you, Mama.

I see you, Mama, scrolling through your social media feed and seeing all the other moms back in their pre-pregnancy clothes. I see how your maternity wardrobe is still in use many months postpartum. Me too, Mama. 

I see you, Mama, avoiding the mirror, because it’s just easier on you psychologically. It’s easier to avoid looking into your dark circles, irritated skin, hair falling out by the handful, stretch marks from here to there, loose flabby skin, & surgery wounds…than to jump on the next postpartum diet fad train. Me too, Mama. 

I see you, Mama, body leaking from seemingly everywhere. I see your body constantly getting spit up on, thrown up on, peed on, pooped on. I won’t tell how many days it’s been since you had a real shower, I won’t tell how many minutes after that shower you actually get to feel clean. Me too, Mama, me too. 

I see you, Mama, crying quietly (or not so) in the shower, because you don’t know how one more day, because you just need a minute, because daddy is home right now, because you are so overwhelmed you feel like you’re drowning. Me too, Mama. 

I see you, Mama, asking for advice about baby, only to be berated for how you choose to raise your baby. I see you trying your best, I see you loving your baby, I see you defending your choices, I see the others trying to shame you. Me too, Mama. Stay strong. Keep doing what’s best for your family. 

I see you, Mama, ready to go back to work, but simultaneously feeling guilty about leaving baby & already missing baby. Me too, Mama. 

I see you, Mama, ready for bed, but that’s too bad, because you’re the Mama. I see baby is asleep and now it’s time to wash dishes & bottles, prepare more bottles, put away that load of laundry & start the next one. I see you smirking at that quip, “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” because you & I both know if that was always the cause your home would rival the city landfill. Me too, Mama. But maybe you don’t have to take the trash out tonight. 

I see you, Mama, holding baby while he sleeps. I see you dressing baby all cute, leaving no time for you to put on makeup. I see you losing sleep because you don’t wanna miss any moments. I see you in your baby and I know all baby sees is you, Mama, loving him. 


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